West Coast Tuffets

Cut 5 yrds of upholstery thread or dental floss. Double it and tie a knot. Sew a running stitch about ¼” around outside edge of cover.

Cut 4 pieces of your white cord to about 20”. Knot one end and sew twice through the bottom fabric about ¼” from edge. Repeat at locations North, South, East, West.

Sew across button bottom around the clock. Go down at 1:00, up through center and down again at 7:00. Repeat 2 to 8, 3 to 9, 4 to 10, 5 to 11, 6 to 12. This will make a taut smooth edge on your button.

Trim tails. 

Optional: Secure knots with Fray Check or Nail Polish.

Cut a 4½”- 5” circle of fabric for your button cover. Remove wire loop from button top. Snap top and bottom together. (This may have already been done for you).

Place button form on batting and batting on inside of material. Gather snuggly. DO NOT cut thread yet.

Button Assembly